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CAPACITY26,000 m3/min

PRESSURE251,600 mmAq

  1. 316 types of TF series and 48 types of TF-1000 series, which fullfills the needs of industry circle.

  2. In using of CAD and FEA, Turbo Fan brings you lower power required, less noise, smoother operation and a longer life.

  3. Wide range of high efficiency, which allows flow some sort of alternated.

  4. With limited loading, motor is non-overloading.

  5. Tested by CNS standard

  6. Acquired quality assurance of ISO 9001

Widely used in air conditioning, production equipment, power plant, high-heat furnace, incinerator and installations for prevention of pollution such as removing offensive-smelling, removing sulphur and smog exhaust, etc.

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CAPACITY252,300 m3/min


  1. Modern theory adopt eddy current theory

  2. Stream design high revolution speed, compact casing and light weight

  3. Safety load non-overloading even when flow is  increased

  4. High efficiency higher than centrifugal type, saves power required

  5. Easy handling easy to assemble and disassemble from piping

  6. Compact casing replace of multi-blade fan

  7. Variety of types motor inbuilt type, belt-drive type and bent-pipe type

For textile industry, vessels, stockrooms, ventilation of tunnel or water tower and others

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Based on high technologies and full experiences of fans and blowers, Japan Kawasaki Heavy Industry developed Brand new Mixed-Flow Fan in the world. TAHONG made a technological cooperation with JKHI to produce Mixed-Flow Fans in Taiwan for the first time.

Ideal 3D curve blades and inclined gas flow make the gas flow smoothly, so Mixed-Flow Fan obtain many profits and high efficiency which centrifugal type can not reach.

Generally in centrifugal type fans, the gas flow will make a sharp right angle turn when it flows from suction into impeller. This leads to a turbulance and loses energy very much.

In accordance with this, the flow route in Mixed-Flow Fan is inclined and the gas flows smoothly, the loss becomes much much smaller. Furthermore, ideal 3D curve blades match inclination of flow route, high efficiency is then obtained.

High efficiency, small scale, light weight, sheap, low noise and low vibration, everything is better than centrifugal fan in all respects.

CAPACITY3509,000 m3/min

PRESSURE1001,000 mmAq

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  1. Efficient Because of ideal 3D curve blades and inclined gas flow, efficiency is higher.

  2. Small-scale Because flow speed is higher so diameter of impeller is about half of centrifugal type fan. Casing is then economically smaller and lighter.

  3. Cheaper motor At the same specification, because impeller is smaller so revolution can be faster. So you can choose smaller and cheaper motors from now on.

  4. Motor ignits easier Impeller is smaller and GD2  is much smaller, so motor ignits easier than centrifugal fan.

  5. Efficient at Low-pressure large-capacity range Even in low-pressure and large-capacity range which belongs to axial fan is still eficient.

  6. Low noise, Low vibration Revolution is fast, essential frequency is high, noise is easy to be eliminated .

  7. Easy maintenance Structure is simple to maintain, gas flow is smooth so the dust is hard to adhere.

  8. Lower running cost Because of high efficiency, no unreasonable power is required.

  1. steel industry, klin industry, chemical industry, mining industry, electric power generation

  2. boiler, combustion furnace, ore-sintering plant for reaction, cooling and burning

  3. boiler, dust-collecting equipment, incinerator, chemical equipment for attraction

  4. to press, circulate and exhaust gases for other industries

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CAPACITY212,000 m3/min

PRESSURE251,600 mmAq

  1. With double suction and double discharge design, turbo fan increases discharge capacity.

  2. same as Turbo Fan

same as Turbo Fan

CAPACITY1230 m3/min

PRESSURE5008,000 mmAq

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  1. clean,dry,oil free air or gas

  2. pulsation free

  3. exceptionally low noise levels

  4. high efficiency

  5. maintenance easy

  6. low vibration level

  7. wide range of stable operation

  8. simple installation, low expense

agitation, air float, product drying, combustion air, vacuum lift, aeraton, gas boosting, methene exhaust systems, sulphur recovery, waste water treatment, fluidizing, industrial vacuum cleaning, conveying, products cooling, process air, paper mill, printing industry, textile industry, foundry industry, food processing, etc.